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New Owner!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jas, and I’m now the new owner of Daniel Sharman Online. You may know me from my other Teen Wolf related fansites, such as Gage Golightly Online or Keahu Kahuanui Fan.

I’ve taken over the fansite from Ann, and I will try my very best to maintain this fansite to the best of my abilities, starting by adding screencaps of the last two episodes of Teen Wolf S2, and by replacing the other ones with logofree caps, so stay tuned for updates :)

Written by Jas

2 Comments on “New Owner!

  1. Hey! Given that it is the EXACT same crop and quality and edit that I uploaded to my tumblr months ago, could you please credit me for the shoot that you uploaded on Oct 8 ?

    1. Hey! I don’t have the photo from your Tumblr, though. I have it from here. Otherwise I would credit you for this particular one. I have some of your photos saved, though, and you’re mentioned on our Thank You & Credit page.

      ETA: Just realized that you might have meant set “008,” and I had those saved for a while, but I couldn’t find them anywhere else with Google, so I guess I must have gotten them from you. Either way, I’m very sorry about the confusion!

      Thanks for the photos!

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