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Teen Wolf Spoilers from Jeff Davis Q&A

Will we see the return of Isaac’s scarf?

Haha, yes.

I love the brolationship between Derek and Isaac. Will we see more of that this season?

Yes. But it may not be all good.

Jeff, you’re not gonna kill Isaac, are you? Seriously, you can’t.

I’ve never killed anyone. But the story…

It’s not really a question, but I need Daniel Sharman as a regular, and also I need him on Twitter. Thanks Teen Wolf for ruining my life, I appreciate it :)

I would love Daniel Sharman as a regular. Not up to me unfortunately.


Written by Jas

2 Comments on “Teen Wolf Spoilers from Jeff Davis Q&A

  1. Just wondering, not to be offensive but is this real Q&A from jeff himself?
    theres a few spelling mistakes, im just curious. Also i totally agree…he cant kill off isaac he just cant… what does he mean by “but the story…” (if it a real interview of course)

    1. Yes, Jeff Davis does these Q&A sessions himself. They are done on the official Teen Wolf Tumblr, as linked in the post itself, at the very bottom.

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