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Teen Wolf Spoilers from Jeff Davis Q&A

Will we find out if Scott let Isaac stay with him?

Isaac is living with the McCalls.

Is Isaac going to have a storyline that won’t damage him emotionally?

Well, that wouldn’t be fun at all.

Will Scott and Isaac’s relationship change now that they’re living together?

Yes, it will. They will become closer. Isaac will be risking his life for Scott in tomorrow night’s episode.

Was Derek aware that Isaac’s father had thrown glass at him exactly like that, or was he just trying in general to trigger Isaac’s memories of abuse to get him to leave?

Yes, he was. We called it our Harry and the Henderson’s scene.

Will there be a new love triangle this season? Perhaps between Isaac, Allison and Scott?

I’m not a fan of love triangles actually. I know people love them, but I wanted the Allison, Isaac and Scott situation to take a different direction. Let me know what you think after this twelve is done!

If Isaac dies I don’t know whats going to happen to my heart.

Me too. I really like Daniel.

Who’s the tallest among the teenage-playing cast (the ones who are playing teens)?


Source: Teen Wolf Tumblr

“The Last Days of Edgar Harding” Now Available on DVD

Daniel’s movie The Last Days of Edgar Harding is finally available on DVD. You can order it now on www.amazon.co.uk, or directly from Spacedog Distribution at www.spacedogdistribution.co.uk.

As far as I’m informed, a worldwide release is not planned, though the DVD is Region 0, meaning it has no region restrictions, so even if you’re from the US, you will still be able to play it on your regular DVD player, it’s just the shipping that’s probably gonna cost you a bit more.

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June 26th – 39th Annual Saturn Awards

Daniel and his Teen Wolf co-star Holland Roden have attended the 39th Saturn Awards Reception in Burbank, California yesterday. I’ve uploaded 4 HQ photos to the gallery, with thanks to Kieran for 2 of these. You can check them out below!

Gallery Links:
Public Appearances > 2013 > [June 26] 39th Annual Saturn Awards

Interview with OK! Magazine

How would you describe Teen Wolf to a new UK audience who might not have seen it?

It’s a really exciting show with more of an edge and darker themes than the 1980s film. That’s a fun film, of course, but we delve much deeper into issues of adolescence and as we move into the third series people have stopped comparing us to the movie.

What do you fear the most in life?

Mediocrity – the idea of just being alright at something. In drama school we were taught to just go for it, even if it means failing abysmally. Tessellation also scares me. Do you know what that is? It’s lots of little objects in a row, like the ridges on a cat’s tongue. That freaks me out.

Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of a celebrity or a hero?

I once met Peter O’Toole, who is one of my acting heroes, and I embarrassed myself by being a blithering idiot. I couldn’t get a proper sentence out.

Who’s your celebrity crush and why? Have you met her?

I had weird crushes on cartoon characters as a kid, especially April from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She was so fit but of course I’ve never met her, mainly because she doesn’t exist in real life!

What’s been the strangest Tweet you’ve ever received? 

I’m not very good on Twitter but some of the fan letters I get are really explicit. You get 12-year-old girls saying the most outrageous things. I won’t go into exactly what they’re saying but it’s pretty worrying.

You and Crystal Reed, who plays Allison, are a couple in real life. How are you coping with the attention that brings?

There can be added pressure because we all have tiffs and arguments and if you’re really famous it must be difficult to see that splashed across the newspapers.

But it’s great being with a fellow actor because they understand the job and you don’t have to live every moment in the public eye. You can avoid the big showbiz parties and all that stuff.

You’re a Brit so how did you make the move over to Hollywood?

Ever since I started acting I wanted to make it in America. Then I did the movie Immortals in Canada, made the move to Los Angeles and I just fell in love with the whole film and TV process.

I trained in theatre so it was interesting to me to see how differently they do things.

There’s no better way to learn than being on a big American TV show and of course the catering is better, although we have to be in shape for Teen Wolf so I’m not allowed near all that food – but I can say that it looks better.

Brits have a big presence in Hollywood right now. Do you hang out with each other?

We do, yes. I play football, as do a lot of Brits out there, so there’s always a team to play with. I’m on the same team as Stephen Moyer from True Blood, who is also a Brit. It’s funny how we all just group together.

It feels like there are more Brits in Los Angeles than there are Americans. You go out at night and it’s like being down your local English pub.

What do you miss most about the UK?

I miss the humour and I miss the chocolate. The chocolate in America is horrible so when I’m there I’m craving Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons.

Source: OK! Magazine

Teen Wolf 3×03 “Fireflies” – Screencaps

I’ve uploaded 265 logoless high-definition screencaps of Daniel in last week’s episode of Teen Wolf to the gallery. (I’m sorry about the delay!) You can check the screencaps out below!

Gallery Links:
Teen Wolf > Season 3 > Screencaps > 3×03 Fireflies

E!Online Scoop: 9 Things to Expect From “Unleashed!”

The wolf pack is heading to Comic-Con…again!

MTV’s hit series Teen Wolf will be making its fourth appearance at San Diego’s Comic-Con in July as part of the network’s “Geekend” coverage of the geektastic convention. Fans of the series can attend a panel featuring executive producer Jeff Davis and stars Tyler PoseyDylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed,Holland RodenDaniel SharmanMax Carver and Charlie Carver on Thursday, July 18, and they’ll also get an exclusive sneak peek at what’s ahead in season three.

But enough talk about the Con ’cause there’s an all-new episode of Teen Wolf tonight, and we were lucky enough to screen “Unleashed” in advance. (We are very much aware that our job is really, really cool.) And because we’re so giving, we decided to share nine things you can expect from the hour!

1. At least three wolves go shirtless in this episode.

2. Scott finds himself torn between…Stiles (O’Brien) and Isaac (Sharman)?! Ain’t nobody got time for romance drama when there’s bromance tension brewin’ at Beacon Hills High! His two friends have very different opinions on all the murders going down and how to handle twins Aiden (Max Carver) and Ethan (Charlie Carver). Could Stiles be going solo soon?! We will say he does a lot of his own investigating. (Side note: We’d totally watch a Veronica Mars-esque spinoff centering on Stiles as a private investigator. Just saying.)

3. One of Teen Wolf’s (many) strapping men will find himself caught in the rain with only a tight white V-neck for armor.

4. OK, fine: It’s Isaac. You’re welcome.

5. “I like to cuddle.” Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) says this to [spoiler]!

6. Prepare for a lot of Hale family feels as Derek and Cora (Adelaide Kane) find themselves the targets of the Alpha pack in the hour. Derek’s had better days, let’s just put it that way. And we’ll learn a bit more about Alpha Deucalion (Gideon Emery).

7. Lesson learned: Do not mess with an Alpha pack member’s motorcycle.

8. Hot extra with a puppy alert! Sadly, we all know hot extras don’t have the best track record on Teen Wolf, but at least we get to see Scott hang with a puppy for a bit, right?!

9. Alison (Reed) spends some quality time in a closet with a guy who is not Scott.

Source: E!Online