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Teen Wolf Spoilers From MCM London Comic Con

How does your character develop in season three and how do you feel about it.

Sharman: A lot changes, he goes through a bit of development of what was happening at the end of season two, deciding which side to ally himself with, which set of morals. It’s some great writing so thanks Christian Taylor and Jeff Davis.

This season seems a lot darker, could you tell us a little about that?

Sharman: Yeah a natural progression, there’s a maturity this season that comes with the darkness of growing up, angst and that sort of thing. It’s more mature. It feels natural as we explore things that we haven’t before.

What is it like seeing yourselves turn into monsters?

Sharman: Tyler Hoechlin and I went out to a coffee place, when we were reshooting something. He was in full wolf makup, but in L.A. they didn’t even notice, like that’s normal in L.A.!

Source: Collider

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 Spoiler

7. When the season starts, Erica and Boyd have been missing for months, but Derek, Peter, and Isaac haven’t given up looking for them. The search nearly kills Isaac — and when he’s rescued, things don’t exactly improve for him. We’ll see Isaac go through some pretty horrific things in order to find the missing members of his pack. Not the least of which involves Peter’s fingernail-claws in his brain.

Sadly this is the only spoiler related to Daniel’s character, but you can read the rest of the spoilers at the source.

Teen Wolf: Isaac Fights For His Life In New Season 3 Teaser

‘Teen Wolf’ returns with new episodes June 3 on MTV! Watch Isaac take the plunge in this brand-new preview clip.

Are you a big fan of Isaac (Daniel Sharman) on Teen Wolf? If so, you might not want to watch this new 11-second clip from the show’s upcoming third season, which finds the charming little wolf being drowned by a mysterious pair of arms. Seriously, when will the guys on this show learn to stay away from water? #EverybodyDrowns

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 Spoilers: Isaac In Danger?

Even before we saw this clip of Isaac taking an involuntary dip, we knew that season three was going to be a rocky one for him. Back in Oct. 2012, MTV posted the first page of the season three premiere script, which revealed Isaac in a precarious situation with an unidentified lady. In the script, Isaac’s bloody body was being dragged along the ground, before being jolted back to life. Cue dialogue:

Girl: Stay with me, we’re almost there.
Isaac: My neck…
Girl: From their claws. It’s how they share memories.
Isaac: But I don’t remember anything.
Girl: Also how they steal them.

Source: Hollywood Life

‘Teen Wolf’ Reveals Season 3 Character Portrait of Isaac Lahey

This portrait comes on the heels of previous portraits of Scott, Allison, Derek, Lydia, Stiles, and the Alpha Pack Twins, Ethan and Aiden. Fans were wondering when we’d get a look at some of the other characters, Isaac in particular, so it’s nice to finally be able to to add this one to all the others!

Unlike the other portraits, the background in this one seems to be particularly blurry. Derek, Scott, and Stiles, for instance, look as if they are in Derek’s apartment due to the bricks and the hole in the wall behind them. Lydia and Allison appear to be in the same room, which is lined with windows. Isaac’s background doesn’t give us any sort of hints as to where he could possibly be.

Daniel Sharman, who plays Isaac, was bumped up to series regular for the third season. At the end of season 2, Isaac decided not to leave Beacon Hills with Boyd and Erica. Instead, he decided to follow Scott’s example and stick around, going head to head with Gerard and the Kanima. He was injured on the field, but in the end he survived the events of the finale.

Season 3 will be setting up a stronger relationship between Isaac and Scott, who obviously have their shared supernatural abilities to bond over. This will, apparently, cause some tension between Scott and Stiles. Stiles is, after all, the human one of the trio, and can’t quite relate to Scott on the same level that Isaac can.

What do you think of Isaac’s portrait? Are you excited to see him take on a bigger role this season?

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