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New Isaac Spoilers From Jeff Davis Q&A

Jeff, I adore the Isaac/Derek relationship we saw in the last episode, Derek is finally becoming the caring protective alpha we want him to be for his betas. Will we see more protective Derek when it comes to Isaac this season?

Things might get a little rocky between them. But mostly because of Derek trying to be protective.

Isaac is one of (an extraordinary amount) the characters I’m most concerned about on the show. I know this will probably sound like a mundane or boring question but, where is Isaac living? Does he room with Derek in the loft? Is he in the foster care system? Are we ever going to find out in the show?

This question is answered in tomorrow night’s episode as well.

Will Isaac replace Stiles as Scott’s BFF?

He might try.

Any hints to why Isaac is getting a ice cold bath?


Will Peter and Isaac be pack buddies this season?

Watch tomorrow night’s episode!

Does Isaac have a love interest?

He does. But is his interest interested in him? Hhmm…

Just Jared’s Summer Kick-Off Party

Daniel’s attended Just Jared’s Summer Kick-Off Party on June 1, 2013 in Los Angeles, California, along with Teen Wolf co-stars Max and Charlie Carver. You can check out 2 HQ photos below, courtesy of Just Jared.

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Teen Wolf 3×01 “Tattoo” – Ratings Press Release

MTV’s “Teen Wolf” season three debut scores highest-rated and most-watched series telecast ever. Premiere also scored as #1 original cable series among P12-34 and ranked Monday’s most social television show.

New York, NY (June 4, 2013) –  The season three debut of MTV’s hit scripted series “Teen Wolf” garnered a 2.3 P12-34 rating, making it the highest-rated telecast for the series to date, up 15 percent from the season two debut and up 10 percent from the season one launch, both of which premiered immediately following the “MTV Movie Awards.”  The premiere episode drew 2.4 million total viewers, making it the most-watched series telecast to date. It also ranked as Monday’s #1 original cable series of the day, delivering 1.8 million P12-34 viewers.

Additionally, the series scored a 4.1 rating among teens, making it the highest rating ever in the demo and Monday’s top telecast across all TV with teens.

“Teen Wolf” was also the most social program* on television yesterday, with 20 percent of all Twitter users engaged in TV-related conversations tweeting about the series, according to Social Guide.  In total, the show generated approximately 1 million mentions on Twitter over the course of the day.  Last night’s episode was the #1 most tweeted about MTV show, excluding the “MTV Movie Awards” and the “MTV Video Music Awards” since the beginning of 2012.

In next week’s episode, airing on Monday, June 10 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, Allison and Lydia stumble upon a possible clue to finding Boyd and Erica while a childhood friend of Stiles goes missing.  For a look at what’s to come in season three, click HERE.

Source: MTV Press

Teen Wolf Cast Reveals Memorable Teen Moments

Young Hollywood is hanging out on the set of MTV’s smash-hit series “Teen Wolf” with castmembers Tyler Posey, Daniel Sharman, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, and Charlie Carver to get the scoop on their own real-life teen experiences! Find out their most awkward moments, worst haircuts, celeb crushes, favorite jams, and more! Stick around for Tyler P. busting out a little Blink-182 for us!

Teen Wolf 3×01 “Tattoo” – Episode Still

The gallery has just been updated with one new MQ still of tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf, entitled “Tattoo.” Check it out below, and let us know what your thoughts are on tonight’s season premiere!

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New Isaac Spoilers From Jeff Davis Q&A

Will we see more of Scott’s relationship with Isaac?

Much more. I’d call it a bit of a bromance.

Just how much pain will you put Isaac through?


Two-in-one question, whoops! (1) Will Isaac and/or Boyd get a love interest in this season (reciprocated or not. (2) Are the Alphas straight-up villains, or will we see other (e.g. more ‘human’) sides to them?

1. Possibly. 2. Every great villain believes their are the hero of their own story.